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Gsoc Week Two

Coding continues. Summarily, Week two of the summer cycle involved me structuring the the core to receive an email address and should be able to return the user using the email and as well to get a grasp of openmrs webservice module
During this week I. Carried out the following activities.
I Added an email field to the openmrs core module then i also added the necessary getters and setters methods, also went further to add all the methods in the interfaces, classes and some other methods and criteria query to retrieve a user by email supplied.
Github pull request Link

I also finished working on reviews from RESTWS-706. with pull request

I also Read up on json web token.
I Had a look up on the figuring out how it works.
I also Read on Resp api design  and naming RESTful resources. 
During this week i also had a meeting with my mentor and we discoursed on how and which json web token library i will use in composing tokens and sending via email for verification. w…

Gsoc Week One Activities

Coding begins.
Monday 14th May 2018 marks the end of community bonding period and the  beginning of Gsoc coding . During this week, I did the following.

I started Designing the workflow of how the project will be handled (Use Cases). The design discussion which was done on talk is found Password Reset via email projectI also read through many documents which will be necessary in implementing the remaining parts of the project. some of which had to do with RESTFul API, github link to reusable files.With guide from my primary and backup mentor i was able to know what i can reuse which in this was the already incorporated Mailmessage capability built into openmrs core. I also got a lot of feedback and improvement on the design workflow which i provided.I also worked on improving with respect to the Wonderful feedback provided by @Burke Mamlin  found HereI also worked on a gira issue RESTWS-706 (adding  sorting capability to Orders).I also had a Skype meeting with my mentor @Wyclif  Luyima …

Gsoc2018 Community Bonding Period At Openmrs.

Week 1

Openmrs is a medical Record System and is aimed at improving health care delivery in resource-constrained environments by coordinating a global community that creates a robust, scalable, user-driven, open source medical record system platform.The community bonding period of my gsoc 2018 at openmrs began on april 23rd after the good new reached me of haven been selected on the project Password Reset Via Email project. Even though i was in one way or the other participating in the community already. This period made me strengthen my interaction with the community even more. I started by Me claiming and issue ( Trunk-5221 )which i worked on and as well attending the daily scrum meeting of the openmrs community. I have been very much welcomed and i get a lot of assistance and feedback from the community in places where i got stuck while working on the ticket which i cliamed, after a scrum meeting some one of the community was assigned to help me out resolve the blocker that is prev…