Gsoc2018 Community Bonding Period At Openmrs.

Week 1

Openmrs is a medical Record System and is aimed at improving health care delivery in resource-constrained environments by coordinating a global community that creates a robust, scalable, user-driven, open source medical record system platform.The community bonding period of my gsoc 2018 at openmrs began on april 23rd after the good new reached me of haven been selected on the project Password Reset Via Email project. Even though i was in one way or the other participating in the community already. This period made me strengthen my interaction with the community even more. I started by Me claiming and issue ( Trunk-5221 )which i worked on and as well attending the daily scrum meeting of the openmrs community. I have been very much welcomed and i get a lot of assistance and feedback from the community in places where i got stuck while working on the ticket which i cliamed, after a scrum meeting some one of the community was assigned to help me out resolve the blocker that is preventing me from working. This went on for about a week and i was able to make a pull request on the ticket which i claimed. This marked the end of my first week of Community Bonding Period. 

How i came to know about google summer of code(gsoc).

 I knew about gsoc in my second year of university studies ie 2016. and this was as a result of my belonging to one of the club in the university by name elite programmers club. this was mentioned and elaborated on by one of the senior students of the faculty of engineering and technology by name Nyah check. From there i was also opportuned to attend event some of which were opensource and GDG Buea, Google i/o where i was properly exposed to opensource and many other activities that relate to programming and my field of studies.


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