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Reset Password via Email Project

Primary Mentor: Wyclif Luyima.

Backup Mentor: Burke Mamlin.

Student: Harisu fanyui

Project Wiki:

Overview. This project aims at adding new feature into openmrs, ie that of which to allow users to perform self service resetting of password. This is going to do away with the bottle neck on the admins of having to carryout the password reset for other users by generating temporal password so when they log in they can reset. Or by allowing the users to provide some secret answers to secret questions that were previously provided. This new feature will allow users to request for password reset to be done via email and most importantly it should work and allow all these actions to be carried via reset webservice.
Work still to be done. Create a page for the reference app for requesting a password reset
Update the reference app pages that are used for resetting password and the controllers to display a different form …

Week Twelve

Week 12.
This week commenced and i fully worked on making sure all the hanging pull request with respect to the core have been merged and closed. I accomplished these by hastening up my speed in fixing reviews, then i created new branches called general fix where all the light works related to renaming adding exception modifying exception messages and as well writing tests.
Rest webservice. After sucessfully finishing with the core and everything merged, I went straight away to the  rest webservice module where i added 2 endpoint to handle the get with provided activation and a post with new credentials  password and activation key. this i did before consulting my mentor and  after consulting him. There was alot of other design changes such. i had to send and email message to my two mentors ie primary mentor and backup mentor. I also posted on talk here  from this talk post i received many criticism and all of them were positively to my benefits in finishing up with the rest webservi…