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Week Six

Week 6 of google summer of code.

This week began not different from the other ones but as it enfolds it showed to be one of a kind as the entire activities of the week turned around monotonous and with me perfecting the one and only single task. that of fixing and finalizing the pull request i made and making sure that all the content with respect to my gsoc project that relate to the openMRS-core have been fixed and merged to the set up repository located Passwordreset. Addressing the core issues meant the beginning of a new dawn for me as the next phase will completely depend on the functionality just added to the core to function. As the week commenced and went further i keep receiving reviews and fixing them day after day and it went further until i finally before the week went to and end addressed all the issues and got my pull request merged. In the process of fixing the reviews and writing test for the added code i had some hard times as some of the tests were failing and debugg…

Week Five

Week Five of gsocThis week  I continued work on Reviewing the not yet  addressed reviews that were left.

Model changeThen i went further to add to the user table another field by name user activation_key.
This newly added field came up again as a series of discurssion which i had with my mentors and 
 we deemed necessary to instead of having another table to keep track of the token, expiry date, and relate it to 
 the user we should rather introduce another field to the already existing user model and this field 
 have as content, The user token which has been hashed (reversible) also going to use the salt which already
already exist and is used for password hashing. and combined to this hashed token will be the timestamp of
when the request for password reset was made(to be used for knowing if the token has expired or not). The hashed token  which will be of the format Hashed_token:timeStamp (xyt354m8912ghx:1233455612) is a sample of what will be stored in the activation_key field.
The to…

Week four

Gsoc week four.
Week four of the summer work as all other weeks that have passed had a similar experience and it began by me Bringing up a design with functional requirements as was told by my mentors. I brought up the requirements having in mind to use a library which I have been studying and understanding and as such I had to use one of the UML(Unified Modelling Language ) tool to do the design which in this case I chosed the usecase diagram and came up with the following .

I made this use case having in mind to implement using JWT(JSON Web Token) but when I presented it to my mentors. I had a lot of positive feedbacks which I did not see at the instance when I did my design. Most of the discursion and criticism on this is found on talk here . After the deliberations and the feedback I got I had to change my way of thinking about the JWT. New methodology was proposed that of adding another field to the user table (activation_key) which will contain the token and also a ttl(time to liv…

Gsoc Week three

Implimentation continues.My week three has been some how challenging though i did not do much of coding during this week. It began with me Looking into resolving the blockers that i had the week which this one followed. One of the blocker which was a design issue and needed me to have it discussed with my mentor. This blocker came up as a result of some pull request reviews which i trying to fix led to a majority of test failing and i got worried, It Actually took a while for me to get it working reason being that the week was full of official public holidays, public and non working hours particularly for my mentor hence it delayed my resolving of the blocker. This did not just end here I after temporally resolving the issue while waiting for my mentor to discuss with them went further into  looking at the rest webservice module how to add my own new endpoint . This from the wiki seemed not to be a tedious work with the example they used. But while i started following the procedure t…