Week Seven

Monday beginning of week 7.
 I started this week freshly after having my pull request merged during the week that just passed, I Needed to move to new things and I went straing to the Openmrs webservice to consume the methods that i just added, During t he process of adding this method, I Tried accessing the methods which i added into core and non of them was available , i tried compiling and it failed then i realized it is not sync with the core during the build so i had to after some googling and seeking for help on the irc channel resulted to the option of me sending and email to my mentor for help in addressing the concern. I therefore got a reply with instructions on how i can do to get pass this blocker. I quickly implimented as i was told and there i went with build success.

After having a sucessful build, 
 Now i went straight away to adding the functionality i was about to add. Immediately i started i noticed I was alsmost exposing the alot of logic to the rest webservice which shoud have been done onthe openmrs-core i immediately left and went back to core where i implimented a service method setUserActivation key so the clients will only need to post to the url and no have to do some logic in their side. I added all and the logic required and i was left with sending email with the token that the user provided.

I also after haven implimented this feature i made a commit and sent a link of the commit to my mentor after he looked at it, he replied with some reasons feedback which i took in to consideration, I was also told to wait and untill we discuss on the pattern for how i should go ahead before i continue. I waited and by thursday i had a call with him via Uberconference where we discussed analysed and came to the conclusion on what and how i should continue with the work. My mentor gave some suggestions which had to do with the way password update is currently implimented and using the userCredential object rather than the user object which i innitially used. I had to use the remaining period of the week familiarizing with the portions of code he asked me to review.
This marked the end of week 7 and i left with the follwing work in mind to accomplish. ie Finalize the creation and hasing of reset token and then i make a pull request. after which i make a different pull request this time around with sending email as the major work done in the pull request.


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