Week nine

Mid Term Evaluation

This week begin with me continuing to fix the reviews that my mentor made during the previous week. I continued the reviews until even by the end of the week the work was still hanging on the review as along the line i encountered a blocker which was about writing a test and the test was time sensitive as such creating a data set was difficult. This i had addressed in the previous week by moving these test into the userDAOTest and everything worked fine but as a result of the reviews, I had to as well migrate these test from the DAO to the service layer. This is where the algorithm which i used in the DAO for writing the test did not hold as the Logincredential which i am supposed to use was not available in the service layer. I did fixed all the other sections of the reviews but this was a blocker as it took more time debugging and actually letting me learn alot from the process. By the end of the week i had a call with my mentor and he left me with some hints and stategies on how to combat the blocker.


By the beginning of monday i received a mail from google telling me the  second phase of the evaluation is open i just continued fixing my reviews and On Wednesday,
i took some time out and fill the evaluation form for my mentor as shown above and was anxiously waiting for the result of the second phase. By Friday i had my normal and usual weekly call with my mentor where i laid out the blocker that is disturbing me and he gave me some walk around.

Success Message

Then by Evening I received a mail from google notifying me that i have successfully passed the second term evaluation


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