Week Eleven

Gsoc Week 11,

This week commenced and was interleaved with a lot of assorted activities which i under took some of which were not directly related to the my gsoc activities. This week i while still working on and fixing a the pending reviews on the pull request i made, i created off a branch from my supposed master reference which in this case is passwordreset then i added some code to receive the new password along side the activation key and creates an updates the user password if the activation key provided in the request is proven to belong to the user and is valid as the constraint provided in the method that will be invoke to get the user using the email. which are make sure that the user activation key exist and is not expired, make sure the activation key is linked to a user. After adding this method i had to also as usual write test to make sure that  the user password is updated if activation key is correct and one to make sure that the password is not updated if the activation key expired and as well one to make sure that the password is not updated if the activation key is not correct. The addition of this method to update the user password and writing of the tests made me notice a bug in the previous method which i wrote to get the user by activation key. This method which worked perfectly when provided with the correct activation key misbehaves when the activation key is wrong. This is because the method returns a null LoginCredential object and i tried getting the activationKey and splitting it so that i can get the expired time. and i didn't notice that it could generate a null pointer exception until now. So i had to move the getting of the activationkey into a conditional which only happens when the LoginCredential object is not null and hence This fixed the bug which escaped during the first.

This week i also had the chance to play and manipulate the rest web service module and as such got use to the way things are done with respect to rest web service

Extra curricular activities.

Aside from doing the above work i also in addition took some permission from my mentor and did some preparation for and exam which i had to write on Friday the 27/07/2018. I also in addition had a weekly call with my mentor on Thursday 26/07/2018. These marked the end of the activities for week 11.

To do activities.

The following week, I plan on getting into the rest web service module and providing the endpoints for the interaction with the API and test the work done on the api.


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