Week 10

Gsoc Week 10.
This week started off with a continuation of addressing the pending reviews still on the pull request which did not get merged the following week.
I went further and continued writing some tests. I also during this week had to make a presentiation of the work i've done so fare till date. This i made following some reviews of past works that i saw in past gsoc students. I started by creating a youtube channel then i went further to create a power point presentation after i got the presentation working. I had as a next challenge in making a video explaining what my presentation is talking about. Below is a front page of my presentation of the work i did.
and the complete power point presentation of th work can be found here 
.Aslso the link to the you tube presentaion can be found here Password Reset Via email Project -gsoc midterm presentation.

Also the link to the openmrs talk page can be found here  talk page

By the end of this week i still couldn't get the pull request merged but the stage at which i left it was at about 98% done so hopefully the first few hours of next monday the pull request should be merged and work commence on providing the rest webservice methods and endpoints to consume the core api as was suggested by my mentor @burke on the discurssion page on talk


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